Busy Bee

Hello again,
I still exist, and even more I still want to keep my blog going! I've just been so damn busy! With what you may ask? What has me so busy that I haven't posted a blog in over a month? Well I'm starting my own business and I will be selling chocolate.

For those of you who don't know me personally I have always loved food and have aspired to be a chef since I was 12. I have trained in culinary and pastry arts but while studying the later I have found a fond love for making chocolate. I have always loved eating it but learning how to make little jewels and learning what makes a good chocolate or truffle is so much fun. Not to mention all of the different flavour combinations out there!

So the business, where can you buy such beautiful chocolates? No where yet, this is just a teaser! But very soon I will be selling on etsy and hope to be doing some local Christmas shows here in Halifax. I will keep you updated on how to find and buy from me and also share with you some of the inspirational businesses that gave me the guts to try this out on my own.

Furthermore I am heading to Maui on Saturday and then flying back to go to Prince Edward Island for a friends wedding, who happens to be a super very talented singer and songwriter, Jenn Grant. I will leave you with a little song from her and hope that everyone else is easing into this cooler weather well, I am but I also have Maui to look forward to!

Binge, Purge

I think I have a problem, I go through these stages of trying to collect everything that catches my eye and then a few weeks later I look through my 300ish sq.ft apartment that I share with my very tolerant boyfriend and think where am I going to put it all. And then i try to purge.

This isn't anything new, I've always been this way, I want to be a minimalist but I adore eclectic interiors with their quirky elements. But having done this for so long I will think about items that I once owned and then immediately look everywhere for it only to come up empty handed (after several phone calls to all of the households that may have my possessions lingering. And although some people would suggest renting storage there is no way that I can justify spending money to house insignificant stuff.

I know I posted about spring cleaning a little while ago, but I honestly didn't do it. I had the best intentions but like so many other times I am like a goldfish and find something else to occupy my time with. And maybe I can't tear myself away from my precious things.

The remedy? Take some time and get a little perspective. I think the cure is going to be a result of finding better storage solutions that both showcase and organize my things, purge a few things that I really wont miss, and finish some projects (their materials are what is taking up a lot of the space!).

So next week I am going to have a plan of attack and a few ideas to share with you all about hot to keep sane, organized and still keep some of the things you love. Oh and do some projects.

Thanks for listening!


My Grandma Maureen, my Mom Anna, and Me. And yes, this was July but it is Nova Scotia.
Last week I had two beautiful, hilarious, and sweet women visit me here in Halifax my Mom and my Grandma. I must say we had a time! We toured around Halifax and took a trip to Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg.

Buoys and ropes in Peggy's Cove

The weather was interesting to say the least! Our first day of sight seeing was clouded and rainy with a chill in the air that required warm jackets and hot drinks. But the rain was on our side, it kept some of the tourists away from these high traffic areas and provided some great lighting for photographs.

They could only stay for four days but every day was filled with good laughter, lots of hugs and kisses, and lots of love. They day they left I was really sad that I had to work but also very grateful that I have an amazing boyfriend that not only picked them up and dropped them off at the airport, but drove us all around, put up with our uncensored conversations and was willing to share his home with two other crazy ladies.

Stuck in my head

This song has been the soundtrack to my life lately. I love the perfect mix of a little rock, some eery background noises, and the super sweet clash of instruments. The live performance looks so amazing and it makes me so sad that they will be here next Thursday and I cannot go. Maybe I will have to go see them in their home town of Montreal!

Their performance at the 2011 Juno awards put goosebumps on my arms! So have a listen if you haven't already been enchanted by their talent.

Yard Sale

I love Saturdays in the spring and summer; sunshine, lemonade, and yard sales! There are two major yard sales that I am hitting up this weekend and this is what is on my treasure list. I hope that I can find some great treasures!
Honesty is the best policy
  1. A paintable rug
  2. Large wicker laundry basket
  3. Plates, Platters and Pedistals (as always)
  4. Rope (for a future project)
  5. Mirror
  6. Outdoor decor for the new patio
  7. Art for indoors and out
A new habit that I have developed is checking out my wishlists and pins to remind myself of things that attract me and ideas of to re-purpose thrifted finds. Now if you haven't been using pinterest you really should. It helps free up some space on my computer from saving images from the internet and has great organization options. But most important you get to see other stylish people's collections to help inspire you.


    I feel a little selfish to say that I quit my job a while ago, ok a long while ago but leave me alone! Selfish because there are always so many people looking for work and I had a job, but left it. For good reason though I was so morbidly unhappy that I decided that it would be better for my health to simply cut the ties and move onto newer and better opportunities.
     Freesias! And some leftover roses that are a little dead, but I liked the colour combination. I love the citrus scent they give off and that I had a chance to use my new frog.

    A few weeks later, ok more than a few, and I haven't had much progress, sure I have applied to lots of jobs and have had a couple of wonderful interviews but nothing has come out of them. I have always wanted to have my own business and this might seem like the perfect time but for some reason I am caught up on the name. Nothing works, nothing is memorable, nothing is good enough. Now this might sound like a whole lotta excuses but trust me I am very good a procrastinating. Really I am, ask anyone. So anyone reading this blog who may know something about naming things, or knows someone who went through the same thing or maybe you have suggestions for how I may find my path let me know!

    Rhubarb Mania

    I can't believe that after all of my excitement on rhubarb I stall. So although there has been a crazy long wait here it is, all of the lovely things I made with my rhubarb!

        Roasted Rhubarb Tart with Gingered Cream 

    I used this recipe for the pastry cream and added some ginger to the milk while it steeped and then left it in until straining. The crust is the same dough as the pie pictured below and it was brushed with egg wash and sprinkled with lots of sanding sugar. The sugary crunch is one of my favourite things about pies.

        Rhubarb Pie 

    Made with my Grandma's recipe, similar one here. The filling is made with chopped rhubarb and tossed with vanilla extract, lemon and orange zest sugar and flour. Combine them all to make a slightly sandy texture and check for sweetness. Next time I make a rhubarb pie I will measure!

        Preserved Rhubarb with Vanilla. 

    I made a medium syrup 1part sugar to 2 parts water and added some lemon zest and a vanilla bean scraped and sliced into strips. I packed the jars full of cut rhubarb and added the syrup and then processed for 12 minutes. I plan on letting these sit for a month or two (depending on how long I can wait) and then make a tart with them or serve them over really good ice cream.

     Rhubarb Nectar with Vanilla

    Wow, rhubarb nectar is so great! And look at that colour! I was luck enough to find really red rhubarb that has made the most beautiful colour nectar. I used this recipe and added a little bit of vanilla and the leftover syrup I had from the preserves. Already I have made some soda by adding soda water to a few tablespoons of the nectar. It was so refreshing and light that I am making plans for punch.