Coral and Periwinkle

Seaweed pappardelle

 It was a perfect day for the beach, cold rainy and Wednesday. No one was around so we could just wander and discover like kids turning over rocks and throwing seaweed. I have a habit, not so sure if it has become annoying yet, where I have to identify certain smells so going to the beach is so much fun, salty air, new spring grass poking through the straw-like blades from last year and wet soggy drift wood. At the beach I don`t have to speak these smells are just known especially by the east coasters who have grown up with these smells.
Love shack baby

 This little shack is so cute and I would love to be able to find a little place like this and turn it into a one room getaway. Bed near the fireplace, an uber-comfy sofa and a little kitchen with a huge table to work on. The kind of place you don`t invite people to a love shack of sorts.
No texting at the beach!!

The beach and water for that matter totally invigorate me, I don`t know much about the elements, feel free to recommend some reading, but I know that water does crazy things for me. My mom called me a water baby, and still does, any chance I get I try to see some body of water and the ocean especially or a waterfall or a pond anything really. I truly believe that I am meant to live by the ocean so that I can keep some balance.

Now that the weather is clearing up I hope that everyone gets a chance to travel to some body of water and dip your little paws in!


Date Night

A night off together was a cause for celebration so we decided to have some home made pizza, caeseresque salad and panna cotta. I used this recipe for the dough and we made margarita pizzas. I wanted to make something easy and tasty for dessert so going with the Italian theme I made panna cotta, although it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to I will try another recipe and let you in on the goods.


Sorry but there aren’t any after cooking pictures, we were too hungry!


Cardamom panna cotta with mangoes and basil

We popped the prosecco and enjoyed some yummy food. After dinner we watched Agora which was a little disappointing and a little long, but it was nice to snuggle on the couch.

Crazy Mo Fo Sale!

Lace Tunic or Dress

Brown Vest

Square Silk Shell Scarf

Boyfriend T`s

Knit Slouchy Barret


Pillow cases for future craft

So the Bay store in out city is going out of business and is closing its doors in a few days. When I stopped by today everything left in the store, there wasn`t much, was an additional 80% off!!! So I picked my favourites and the grand total was over $200, then after the discount $53.24!! Yippee!

Spring Cleaning ( the fun part)

Crying Shame

Dieing tulips

Roly poly fruit in need of confinement

Ataulfo Mangoes
Little Cicks

I`m trying to keep spring cleaning happy and fun and well I`m trying to be oblivious to all of the cleaning I really need to do. Bathroom, kitchen cupboards, the rice I spilled in the living room two weeks ago. So today I decided to start cleaning, with the most important things first flowers and fruit bowls. My tulips and ranunculus have lasted a long time but I think they are ready for the compost now. To replace them I was thinking about pussy willows and forsythia.