Coral and Periwinkle

Seaweed pappardelle

 It was a perfect day for the beach, cold rainy and Wednesday. No one was around so we could just wander and discover like kids turning over rocks and throwing seaweed. I have a habit, not so sure if it has become annoying yet, where I have to identify certain smells so going to the beach is so much fun, salty air, new spring grass poking through the straw-like blades from last year and wet soggy drift wood. At the beach I don`t have to speak these smells are just known especially by the east coasters who have grown up with these smells.
Love shack baby

 This little shack is so cute and I would love to be able to find a little place like this and turn it into a one room getaway. Bed near the fireplace, an uber-comfy sofa and a little kitchen with a huge table to work on. The kind of place you don`t invite people to a love shack of sorts.
No texting at the beach!!

The beach and water for that matter totally invigorate me, I don`t know much about the elements, feel free to recommend some reading, but I know that water does crazy things for me. My mom called me a water baby, and still does, any chance I get I try to see some body of water and the ocean especially or a waterfall or a pond anything really. I truly believe that I am meant to live by the ocean so that I can keep some balance.

Now that the weather is clearing up I hope that everyone gets a chance to travel to some body of water and dip your little paws in!


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