Rhubarb Mania

I can't believe that after all of my excitement on rhubarb I stall. So although there has been a crazy long wait here it is, all of the lovely things I made with my rhubarb!

    Roasted Rhubarb Tart with Gingered Cream 

I used this recipe for the pastry cream and added some ginger to the milk while it steeped and then left it in until straining. The crust is the same dough as the pie pictured below and it was brushed with egg wash and sprinkled with lots of sanding sugar. The sugary crunch is one of my favourite things about pies.

    Rhubarb Pie 

Made with my Grandma's recipe, similar one here. The filling is made with chopped rhubarb and tossed with vanilla extract, lemon and orange zest sugar and flour. Combine them all to make a slightly sandy texture and check for sweetness. Next time I make a rhubarb pie I will measure!

    Preserved Rhubarb with Vanilla. 

I made a medium syrup 1part sugar to 2 parts water and added some lemon zest and a vanilla bean scraped and sliced into strips. I packed the jars full of cut rhubarb and added the syrup and then processed for 12 minutes. I plan on letting these sit for a month or two (depending on how long I can wait) and then make a tart with them or serve them over really good ice cream.

 Rhubarb Nectar with Vanilla

Wow, rhubarb nectar is so great! And look at that colour! I was luck enough to find really red rhubarb that has made the most beautiful colour nectar. I used this recipe and added a little bit of vanilla and the leftover syrup I had from the preserves. Already I have made some soda by adding soda water to a few tablespoons of the nectar. It was so refreshing and light that I am making plans for punch.

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