I feel a little selfish to say that I quit my job a while ago, ok a long while ago but leave me alone! Selfish because there are always so many people looking for work and I had a job, but left it. For good reason though I was so morbidly unhappy that I decided that it would be better for my health to simply cut the ties and move onto newer and better opportunities.
 Freesias! And some leftover roses that are a little dead, but I liked the colour combination. I love the citrus scent they give off and that I had a chance to use my new frog.

A few weeks later, ok more than a few, and I haven't had much progress, sure I have applied to lots of jobs and have had a couple of wonderful interviews but nothing has come out of them. I have always wanted to have my own business and this might seem like the perfect time but for some reason I am caught up on the name. Nothing works, nothing is memorable, nothing is good enough. Now this might sound like a whole lotta excuses but trust me I am very good a procrastinating. Really I am, ask anyone. So anyone reading this blog who may know something about naming things, or knows someone who went through the same thing or maybe you have suggestions for how I may find my path let me know!

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